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October 6, 2008

It’s been getting cold out these past couple of weeks, and sure as the sunrise, I have been laid low with  a vicious cold as the year’s seasons turn. I’m comforted by the fact though that it is soup season – as little as I claim to like soup, when your throat is swollen and hurting, and your eyes are dry, and your bones ache – there is little more that brings nourishment  and joy like soup does.

Also, with the turning of the cold, winter squash is everywhere! Last week I wrestled home a big ol’ Hubbard squash – my absolute favorite.
The thing that’s annoying about squash is that it’s hard to cut. It’s best to peel it after cooking, which means steaming it or roasting it before you use it. And they are just so big! Especially the Hubbards.
That is OK. In winter & fall, my modus operendi is to split and roast my squashes and store them in the fridge post-roast. Then use them up slowly over the week.
That big ol’ Hubbard is about 1/4 gone now – and tonight it’s flesh will be heated with some chicken stock and sauteed shallots and pureéd. Then I’ll toast up some sourdough and top it with sheep cheese from the greenmarket. It’s about all the energy I have right now to make, but I’m looking forward to it.