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BACON bag! Blueberries! Cherries! Oh my!

June 18, 2008

beingreen took a bunch of FANTASTIC photos (all below) today at the market. I, like BG, got gifted with an “I Love Bacon” bag that I will cherish and wear with pride. Just a quick note: blueberries are here along with cherries! Philips & Keenan have blueberries, but Keenan’s are less expensive than Phillips. Near Keenan is a farm stand with cherries at $5 per pound. Fantastic! That’s it for me – the rest is all beingreen.

Tamarack Hollow Bacon Bag!

Today is my lucky day! 😀 As I sauntered through the market this morning, I was lured to Tamarack Hollow by the sight of sausages. Mike sold me on the Maple Breakfast sausage, which he says is a rare find because it is difficult to make. Say no more, I had to try it… and with my purchase he gave me a bonus “I Love You Bacon” bag that I will cherish forever. Hurry over to get your bacon while supplies last! ~bg

The next delight that caught my eye were the CHERRIES at Locust Grove Farm. These are the first cherries of summer at the market, as far as I can tell, and they are GOOD. ~bg


Blueberries have arrived at Kernan Farms, and so have the mounds of summer squash which are exciting to explore once again… ~bg

And Kira’s garlic and mixed greens are fabulous at Evolutionary Organics. Last night I had blackfish and greens sauteed with a whole bulb of Kira’s fresh garlic… early in the summer it is more tender and mild than late summer garlic, so don’t be afraid to eat a lot of it! The green mix has bonus “wild greens” ie, edible weeds, from Kira’s farm, such as wild spinach and purslane. I love adible weeds and believe that they are truly good for our health and have no nutritional data to back this up. ~bg

Another exciting farm is the French Vegetable and Green Farm (for lack of knowing their name) that has great greens today. Chervil (I have no idea how to use this yet… send us your ideas please) is hot, and I received a recommendation from a fellow shopper for the french baby leeks. I promptly purchased them for a sautee this evening. Will report back. The wild arugula here looks precious. Definitely requires a special preparation… beyond salad. ~bg

Berried Treasures has nice looking red potatoes and Tristar Strawberries! Tristar are a cross with a wild strawberry…the taste is so much sweeter! ~bg

Migliorelli Farm has buckets of fresh basil for your salads and shell peas are $4 per pound now.

And lastly, Cherry Lane Farms has greenhouse heirlooms! So early!


It’s Raining, and I’m Late To Work….

May 9, 2008

….and that’s the perfect time to go shop at the Greenmarket! Sure, everyone loves the greenmarket when it’s sunny out – but I love it in the rain. The produce stays cool and moist, and there are NO lines, no people with dogs, no jostling elbows… The greenmarket in the rain is fantastic.

Today, I chatted with John from Muddy River Farm. Today he is the farmer farthest South East – near the big smoking clock thing. He’s got tender young leeks, his brawny staples, young horseradish, and a warm smile. Go check him out. Last year his farm got flooded (see: Muddy River Farm!) and I’m hoping he makes up his losses this year. His produce is sturdy and good. It’s funny sometimes to see how what a person grows reflects their personality 🙂

Yunno’s Farm still has tender asparagus – now for $4 a pound. Mignorelli’s has it for $5. With Yunno’s you save a dollar, and get a smile too 🙂 I saw that Milk Thistle dairy made it down.

The market seemed like a number of vendors hadn’t made it – not as full as most Fridays – but all our staples were there.

Today I am trying a new-to-me beef producer – Grazin’ Angus Acres. He had beef breakfast sausage patties which I tried. I’m not a huge fan of breafast sausage – but this was quite nice. Not heavy on the spice. After the first couple of bites (what can I say, I was hungry and the beef was hot off the grill in the rain!) it just tasted like burger and not sausage. If you recently gave up pork, give these a try. His prices were quite nice, and I’ll be broiling up a NY Strip tonight for dinner. Mmmm.

In other news: You dearly beloved Baconbit (that’s me!) is going to be participating as a judge for food photography contest! Details are at this month’s host: Habeas Brulee! Submit your photos!