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Of Squash and Carrots

August 18, 2008

For weeks now, there have been summer squash everywhere. It is ubiquitous, and we never even mention it on the blog. While I like summer squash quite a bit, I sort of regard it as a vegetable filler. A lot of fiber and fullness for very little in terms of calories – and oftimes taste. I’ve grown to love Yunno’s “Avocado Squash” which has an excellent texture and is not overly watery like a lot of zucchinis – but still, I don’t mention it that often.

The squash I can never get enough of is autumn squashes – difficult to peel, their sweet flesh is music to my mouth, and I’m waiting for my favorites to reappear like a schoolgirl waiting to catch a glimpse of her crush on the basketball team.

I saw a tiny glimpse today! DJ’s had two types of hard shelled squash out on their table today, labeled “Chinese” Squash. To me though, it looked like one was a ghost pumpkin type, and the second was butternut.

I didn’t buy them, but soon. My favorite squash is Hubbard, and I’m hoping to see a few this year at the market. Last year I dragged more than one home on the subway. When you consider that they look rather like Yoda, in coloring, size, shape, and impassivity, this is revealed as no mean feat.

Today though, I skipped it. Instead of that, I bought a bunch of red skinned carrots from John Maduras because I have been dying to try this recipe for Carottes Râpées. I love all things French (I am a bit of a francophile) and have thought ever since I first read this recipe, that it would be simply gorgeous with red carrots, the colors being yellow at the core, and red at the outer edge. Besides, David Lebovitz never steers me wrong.

So, tonight I shall break out the manoline, and grate some carrots. I’m going to serve it alongside duck fat flavored beans & rice. Or a stirfry of pork & bok choy. Hey, I may be a francophile, but I’m a New Yorker first and foremost. The melting pot is where I feel most comfortable!



Almost Famous!

August 11, 2008

Danielle, over at Gothamist, posted my recipe for Pickled Garlic Seeds that I developed last year. You can make these with regular garlic too.

These would be a very good complement to your chopped liver. I also love to put them in egg salad. They are deliciously mild.


Five Dollars? Really?

June 16, 2008

I usually don’t go to the market on the weekends – I live uptown, and the market is downtown, and well… there you go. I stock up on Friday and eat off my purchases until Monday. This Saturday I happened to be in the vicinity and stopped by to ogle the produce and pick up some kind of animal protein. 

On Saturdays – the meat at the market is much more varied. I got some duck breasts (which I am cooking tonight) and better yet: duck eggs & pheasant eggs! I decided I’m not a big fan of the pheasant eggs – but duck eggs? WOW.

I saw some of our same vendors – and a few who seemed to have higher prices than they do during the week. Perhaps it’s an issue of supply and demand – and certainly farmers aren’t rolling in the dough, so it’s difficult to whine too much. But I was still glad that I’d bought my veg on Wednesday.

As to $5 – sugar snap peas are $5 across the board at the market today. Everywhere I looked, $5, $5 – however shell peas are $3.50 *except* at Philips Farm, who’s shell peas are also $5. Hmmm.

I bought mine at Maxwell’s for my frozen peas project, along with extras for salad over the next couple of days. 

Yunno’s still has chiogga beets – and today they had fava beans for $4 a pound. I’ll peel them tonight and blanch them. YUM. I don’t like favas dried, but fresh? They are truly lovely. Need inspiration? Habeas Brûlee has a recipe for favas with seaweed poprocks. If that is too exotic for Monday night dinner, try them with furikake instead.

Speaking of furikake – yesterday I made popped corn. I had gotten the grains from the market in the fall and am still working my way through them. I do my popped corn the old fashioned way on the stove top! I don’t like butter – and didn’t feel like salt. Instead I dressed my popped corn with dark sesame oil and furikake. Fantastic! Do try it sometime.