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October 7, 2009

Hello all, I’m back at last. Did you miss me? I certainly missed you, and missed the market!

So many good things to come back to – MiniHubbard Squash at Evolutionary Organics and Japanese Turnips at Keith’s. I picked up Tamarack Hollow Bacon (I have missed you SO MUCH bacon!) and a scone for breakfast. I also got some aged sheep cheese with black truffles, and another with white pepper. Fantastic!

There is so much fruit at the market still – peaches at Keenan Farms, and berries at Berried Treasure. I even saw blueberries!

Sadly, no wild mushrooms today, but John Madura was there to make up the deficit.

As promised a picture of the entire cause for the interruption of this blog:

First Laugh

It’s good to be back.




June 24, 2009

My love has come along! My lonely days
are over! And life is like a soooooooooong!

Honey Hollow Farms is back – AT LAST – with yellow chantarelles and big ol’ bags of dried mushrooms, beautiful herbs, and all manner of good things. They said the rain had kept down production on the farm so they just stayed home, “vacationed” a bit, and did other work around the farm. Lydia (I think that is her name) said the garden is so flooded that she practically sinks to her knees in mud when she goes into it! Here’s to hoping for a week or two of sun. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Naturally, I bought some mushrooms.

Today was the Day of Fruit at the market! I saw the first raspberries of the season at two different stalls (I can’t remember who right now) and Keenan Farms had blueberries and the first peaches of the season. YUM! I bought a couple of those, as well as some garlic scapes at Keith’s for a quiche I am going to make tonight. Mmm. Quiche.

We are starting on that glorious climb when there’s more produce than you can shake a stick at, and all the seasons begin to come together! We still have strawberries, I see leftover apples from last fall, the first peaches and raspberries – and garlic scapes and bulbs of garlic too – basil and tomatoes, early spring cheeses and late fall ones – it’s a great time to be at the market. Today is not raining – but still nice and cool. A good Wednesday for a shop!


More Morels

May 20, 2009

Today, Honey Hollow Farms busted out the yellow morels again. “Callo! Calleigh! She chortled in her joy!” Oh yes, I am the Jabberwhocky of Mushrooms.

Naturally I bought a pint ($10) and eyed the ‘A’ grades at $49/lb, and the ‘B’ grades at $39/lb. There was a sign saying he had oyster mushrooms too, but I did not notice them among the bounty. He had angelica (herb) and wild stinging nettles, ramps and fiddlehead ferns.

Ramps and asparugus are pretty much everywhere at this point. Berried Treasure had green garlic, and a big bag of just ramp bulbs, as well as bundles of the wild edible with green attached. If you are interested in pickling ramps, I’d get some of the solo bulbs for that especially. I saw some rhubarb there and bought a couple of stalks to pair with the GORGEOUS red strawberries they are selling at Keenan’s. Quarts are $7. I bought 2, because I knew I would not be able to resist eating some in the afternoon!

Lots of rhubarb, lots of ramps, and lots of asparagus all around. Between Valley Shepard and the Buffalo milk people, you can hit up the hydroponics folk for fresh tomatoes, basil and arugula. Pick up a demi-baguette at Bread Alone, and voila! Lunch!

It promises to be a gorgeous day out. Take a walk to the Greenmarket!



November 18, 2008

OK, I’ve been neglectful – we all have. I have not been blogging as we have moved into the colder months, but over the past few weeks have been waiting and waiting for the return of Quinces to the market. I waited and waited, and finally asked around and was told that I’d missed them. WOE!

However, yesterday at market I saw them. The harvest looks bad this year – small quinces that are quite mishappen with lots of scars. Last year’s were great big googly things – bright green and perfect fuzzy skins. However, for all their bumpyness, the fragrance of this year’s quinces is outrageous.

I bought 5 lbs. Time to make quince cordial! And how do I do that? Well, basically I make Habeas Brulee’s Pear Liquor, but substitute quinces for pears! Make your you peel your quinces though – they are covered in a not-very-tasty green fuzz!


Pickled Peaches, redux

September 19, 2008

Today at the market, I saw signs that said this was the last week for peaches. I’ve managed to download my pics, and have brought this one to inspire your own pickled peach adventures before the season ends. Go forth, and PICKLE!

Even though its not Wednesday, I think it’s important for everyone  to see the GIANT MAITAKE that was at Honey Hollow Farm earlier this week:

Apparently it was larger than this. It was originally 16lbs, and this point they had sold a couple of pounds worth.


I saw three colors of cauliflower today. And Wild Hive has 10 grain hot breakfast cereal. Will report on it’s deliciousness next week!

Have a great weekend all.


The Hunter’s Heart

September 3, 2008

Today I went to market and as usual, stopped off for my fill of wild mushrooms. Today our man at Honey Hollow had “Hunter’s Heart”, also known as “Totlcoxcatl” when in Mexico. I’ve never had these strange, lumpy, white mushrooms before, but when I am told they are delicious, I tend to believe it. I’ll be thoroughly cooking these over moderate heat tomorrow night, along with some fresh garlic, and steak from Acadian Pastures.

Speaking of meats, there were lovely sausages available everywhere today.

This past peach season has been incredible, and it’s my goal to can some peaches for the cold winter months ahead. To that end, I picked up 16 or so fat peaches today – a dozen for canning in spiced vinegar syrup, a few for making into honey compote to eat with breakfast, and one for snacking on this afternoon.

A lovely day indeed.


Quickie Update

August 22, 2008

Not a lot to report today – my own shopping is delayed until next week as I am off to the Bronx Botanical Gardens this afternoon, followed by weekend of much socializing and very little cooking. However, I did see the first grapes I’ve seen at Cheerful Cherry Farms.

Have a fantastic weekend, all!


Controversy and Cantaloupe

August 1, 2008

Cantaloupe first: OK – they were melons, not cantaloupe – but Norwich Farms has the Cutest Melons EVER! Including tiny watermelons that will fit into your NYC ‘fridge!

Onto the controversy: Today I read in the Tigers & Strawberries blog, a commentary on a new NYTimes story about a farmer who was banned from the greenmarkets. He was supplementing his meats with outsourced meat – he claims it was all still pasture raised – but it was coming in as far away as Georgia.

I have no qualms with a vendor selling another local farmer’s locally produced goods – I DO have a major issue with vendors selling foods from 800 miles away and calling it “local”. In our market, “local” seems to mean Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. That’s a lot of states to pull from.

The good news is this: I had no idea that our greenmarket system had inspectors! We have people who watch out for our food sources, who inspect the farms they are coming from, who are part of the LOCAL greenmarket system, and who enforce the rules. I think this is fabulous!

I don’t know who our readers are exactly, but I assume that a number of them are like myself: I don’t make a ton of money. I’m solidly middle class in a city that is expensive and outright difficult to live in sometimes (even though I don’t think I’ll live anywhere else again ever). I choose to spend a good amount of my income at the greenmarket, because I believe in supporting local agriculture. I think it is the best choice for my personal health, the health of my husband, the environment, the economy, and my conscience. I make sacrifices to make sure that I do this kind of shopping – from monetary to putting myself out at a physical level (hauling pounds of produce on the subways at rush hour is no fun). I expect that the food I’m shelling out for is what I’ve been told it is.

I feel for Mr.Dines – obviously he is headed for some hard times. I hope for him, that he’s learned from this episode, and that he can move forward with integrity.



July 11, 2008

Saw black raspberries and sour cherries today. Fantastic! The cherries are *perfect* for making Sour Cherry Cordial. You’ll find them on the west side of the market, near the Ghandi statue.

Next week, I, your intrepid baconbit, will not be here to delight, amuse, or annoy the heck out of you with content-less posts. Instead I will be off relaxing with my brand new husband on our little honeymoon, as I’m gettin’ hitched on Sunday!

See you soon, and happy marketeering until then 🙂


Stoned Fruit

July 2, 2008

Oh! Glory be! The peaches are finally here! I know, every time a new fruit is available, I say it is my favorite one. And you know what? It’s always true 🙂

Keenan farms has the first fresh local peaches, and I bought four and couldn’t be happier – except that I am because across from them at the nameless fruit sellers, there were fresh plums. And Honey Hollow had gold chantarelles (1/2 pint for $4), and Evolutionary Organics had gorgeous boxes of squash blossoms.

It’s just glorious. Go! Go forth and EAT!!!