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More Morels

May 20, 2009

Today, Honey Hollow Farms busted out the yellow morels again. “Callo! Calleigh! She chortled in her joy!” Oh yes, I am the Jabberwhocky of Mushrooms.

Naturally I bought a pint ($10) and eyed the ‘A’ grades at $49/lb, and the ‘B’ grades at $39/lb. There was a sign saying he had oyster mushrooms too, but I did not notice them among the bounty. He had angelica (herb) and wild stinging nettles, ramps and fiddlehead ferns.

Ramps and asparugus are pretty much everywhere at this point. Berried Treasure had green garlic, and a big bag of just ramp bulbs, as well as bundles of the wild edible with green attached. If you are interested in pickling ramps, I’d get some of the solo bulbs for that especially. I saw some rhubarb there and bought a couple of stalks to pair with the GORGEOUS red strawberries they are selling at Keenan’s. Quarts are $7. I bought 2, because I knew I would not be able to resist eating some in the afternoon!

Lots of rhubarb, lots of ramps, and lots of asparagus all around. Between Valley Shepard and the Buffalo milk people, you can hit up the hydroponics folk for fresh tomatoes, basil and arugula. Pick up a demi-baguette at Bread Alone, and voila! Lunch!

It promises to be a gorgeous day out. Take a walk to the Greenmarket!



Friday Market

May 15, 2009

Lots of beautiful farmed mushrooms at John Maduras today including two kinds of oyster mushroom. Lots of greens today from several vendors, and Yunnos had a few cukes up by the register. The Buffalo milk people had a huge stack of gorgeous cannolis! Go get one!

Looking for interesting meats? Grazin’ Angus Acres has marrow bones, Tamarack Hollow has pigs feet, and Bobolink has crusty bread to serve with both of them.

And tons of fresh plants and herbs everywhere.

Have a good weekend all.



November 19, 2008

A shift is taking place at the market! We think of Winter as a time of loss and quiet for the market – but this morning was busy as ever – wineries, cheese artisans, meat vendors, hydroponic tomatoes, mounds of potatoes and cauliflowers, all presided at market today – along with bread and apples. I did miss Tello’s but am trying Knoll Krest’s eggs this week instead.
As you know, the upper portion of the park has been under construction. Well, last week they put in the trees and took down the chainlink fence to reveal an excellent new EVEN paving surface. It’s a huge improvement on the old pothole ridden one that I found myself tripping over last year.

In addition – the booths for the yearly Winter Holiday Craft Market are all installed (though not yet stocked) on the southern portion of the Square. This means the farmer’s market has shifted north onto the newly paved area of the Square. Fine by me – it’s even closer to my office now! 🙂

It’s cold out today so one gets the oddity of walking around the market and seeing meat & cheese just sitting out, not on ice. Don’t worry though – it’s colder than your ‘fridge out there today.

Keep warm, all!


Sheepsmilk cheese, morels, and strawberries, Oh MY!

May 28, 2008

Last week I mentioned two farmers who’s farm names I could not remember – today I took notes so I would not forget! Kernan Farms and Evolutionary Organics. Their stands are directly across from one another. Kernan has a few types of veg and fruit in large quantities. Evolutionary Organics has small quantities, but a lot of diversity. Together, they have some of my favorite things.

Kernan’s strawberries are *fantastic* – truly. Large, plump, and sweet – on a warm day you can actually smell them from about 8′ off. They are less expensive than a lot of other market stands, at $6/quart. I am contemplating going back at noon to pick up asparagus as their asparagus tastes like sweet peas. I don’t know if it’s their terroir, or what, but it tastes like sweet peas and is delectable. Today I got some of the first sugar snap peas I’ve seen. Yum!

Across the aisle at Evolutionary Organics, there is a wide selection of heirloom plants for your own yard or windowsill. They also have beautiful greens, sprouts, edible flowers, and lots of lovely Japanese turnips. I find their prices competitive, and their demeanor particularly pleasant . I prefer their greens (and attitude) to that the other major salad greens vendor at the market (no names today as I don’t want to slight someone accidentally by misremembering a farm name).

Valley Shepherd Creamery was there. They are my favorite cheesemaker – and now that my digestive system seems to hate all dairy except sheep – they are one of the few I can go to. They make a fantastic aged cheese with truffles called Tartufo. Today they have Tartufo Fresco – a fresh sheepsmilk cheese flecked with black truffles. Lovely! I also picked up some of their very aged Fairmount – it dates from December of 2006. It is sweet and nutty at the front, and VERY sharp. Almost too sharp at the end for my cheese-wimp palate, but on a slice of bread to temper it will be fantastic.

Honey Hollow Farms still has GIANT yellow morels! Unbelieveable. Three weeks of morels – I am a happy camper!

Over the weekend I baked Honey Hollow Farm eggs in a ramekin, on top of sauteéd yellow morels and green garlic, topped with breadcrumbs and butter. Bake at about 400 until lightly golden and just turning solid. Fantastic stuff. Eggs & mushrooms are fantastic. Honey Hollow Farms eggs and yellow morels are several steps beyond fantastic, at a point where words begin to fail me.

Ronnybrook seems to have broken the curse of lateness they were suffering from last year. I got to the market around 8:15 this morning and they were all set up and ready to go.



May 7, 2008

At last! Fiddleheads have arrived at the greenmarket! Two people I saw had them: Berried Treasure and Mountain Berry Farms, at $4 and $3.50 per pint respectively.
I never seem to get around to Max Creek Hatchery but with the advent of fiddleheads I realized I needed protein to go with my new meal that was forming. I stopped off and opted for the farmed Rainbow Trout – a personal favorite fish of mine. Oh, and his rainbow trout ($10 per pound) are GORGEOUS! I just want to sit and look at the glorious skin in rippling incandescent colors all day.

John Madura Mushrooms had the yellow oysters again! They are quite beautiful and very delicious. I used them in my rabbit fricassee. They have a delicate taste and aroma and unlike the grey oyster mushroom – no oyster scent. Sadly, they lose a lot of their color in cooking, but don’t let that stop you from trying these delicious fungal gems.

Beingreen is out on a field trip today, so I picked her up some ramps and tender young minzuna.

For those of you looking for dairy, Ronnybrook is all set up. They seem to have broken their opening-late spree they were on.
In not-Greenmarket news, if you need a quick snackie, I can highly recommend Le Petit Belge just to the west of Union Square on 14th Street, a tiny storefront tucked in between the fast food chains on the southern side of the street. It’s only a few stores in. For $3.50 you can get a big waxpaper cone of tiny puffed pancakes drizzled in chocolate or topped with fresh berries. For the same price you can get a truly magnificent Belgian Waffle (their specialty) – I had mine piled high with perfectly fresh raspberries (not local – but sooooo tasty!) and caramel. Next time I’ll do 100% fruit as their fruit was fantastic! A pleasant (if unhealthy) dinner treat 🙂 The shop is at the site of the former Tavalon tea shop – and for those of us who were Tavalon Tea addicts, it’s a relief to see they are still serving Tavalon Tea.

All in all, a great day at the market!