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November 19, 2008

A shift is taking place at the market! We think of Winter as a time of loss and quiet for the market – but this morning was busy as ever – wineries, cheese artisans, meat vendors, hydroponic tomatoes, mounds of potatoes and cauliflowers, all presided at market today – along with bread and apples. I did miss Tello’s but am trying Knoll Krest’s eggs this week instead.
As you know, the upper portion of the park has been under construction. Well, last week they put in the trees and took down the chainlink fence to reveal an excellent new EVEN paving surface. It’s a huge improvement on the old pothole ridden one that I found myself tripping over last year.

In addition – the booths for the yearly Winter Holiday Craft Market are all installed (though not yet stocked) on the southern portion of the Square. This means the farmer’s market has shifted north onto the newly paved area of the Square. Fine by me – it’s even closer to my office now! 🙂

It’s cold out today so one gets the oddity of walking around the market and seeing meat & cheese just sitting out, not on ice. Don’t worry though – it’s colder than your ‘fridge out there today.

Keep warm, all!



Excavation News

May 6, 2008

As many of you know, there is major renovation underway at Union Square. We will keep y’all updated with any interesting bits of construction progress as well. At the moment they are scraping up the asphalt on the north side with a great one armed monster. This morning I noticed they are daylighting the old cobblestones underlying the asphalt. Its history uncovered…I hope they are planning on salvaging and re-using these!