It’s lovely today out – cool and sunny, just perfect for the market.

Today I spied that both Honey Hollow and John Madura had Maitake (Hen of the Woods) mushrooms. John Madura also had regular button mushrooms, and one of my favorites, King Oysters. I like to buy these and slice them into medallions and use them instead of meat for something like a Mushroom Marsala. Try it out. Lovely!

I bought maitakes instead though, along with shallots. I have eggs from earlier this week, and will be making musrhooms and shallots in a Roman-style egg sauce over artichoke raviolis from Fairway. Fantastic stuff.

Perfect apples abound at the market, along with gorgeous garlic, and sensational sunchokes. I love these last in particular. You may eat them raw, or you may treat them how you treat potatoes. I personally love to peel and boil them, and turn them into whipped sunchokes. They are related to artichokes, and have a lovely faint artichoke flavor – like and artichoke crossed with a Yukon Gold potato. Marvelous!

See you Friday!



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