Quick recon


It’s cold out there today! I’m going to have to get out a thicker coat!

I didn’t buy much today – but that’s not because there wasn’t plenty on sale! For those of you who like them, Maxwell’s had tomatillos as well as a HUGE assortment of end-of-season tomatoes. I have a feeling we’re coming to the end of such pleasures as the days get shorter and colder.

Beautiful mounds of produce abound – later on this week I’ll have to treat myself to the beautiful brussel sprouts I saw today. Brushed with olive oil, roasted in the oven, and sprinkled with sea salt, I could eat an entire stalk by myself.

Last night was all about prepping for the week ahead – the fridge is stocked with roasted squashes, roasted pork shoulder, and I prepped the chestnuts I bought last week. They are easy! Score on the flat side with a paring knife, and then boil for a few minutes (put in pot with cold water and bring up to a boil) or roast. The skin will peel back. You’ll want to keep them moist for easy peeling though!

I have a pint of peeled boiled chestnuts waiting to be added to something. Chestnut & squash soup? Or better yet: polenta with chestnuts? I think the latter, poured into a breadloaf pan for slicing and frying up later in the week will be just perfect. A small purchase of lettuces, and between that and the pork, a lovely meal.

Keep warm, all!



One Response to “Quick recon”

  1. Mary Says:

    Let us know how the hot dogs turn out – I’m intrigued as well. PS I love your blog!

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