My love has come along! My lonely days
are over! And life is like a soooooooooong!

Honey Hollow Farms is back – AT LAST – with yellow chantarelles and big ol’ bags of dried mushrooms, beautiful herbs, and all manner of good things. They said the rain had kept down production on the farm so they just stayed home, “vacationed” a bit, and did other work around the farm. Lydia (I think that is her name) said the garden is so flooded that she practically sinks to her knees in mud when she goes into it! Here’s to hoping for a week or two of sun. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Naturally, I bought some mushrooms.

Today was the Day of Fruit at the market! I saw the first raspberries of the season at two different stalls (I can’t remember who right now) and Keenan Farms had blueberries and the first peaches of the season. YUM! I bought a couple of those, as well as some garlic scapes at Keith’s for a quiche I am going to make tonight. Mmm. Quiche.

We are starting on that glorious climb when there’s more produce than you can shake a stick at, and all the seasons begin to come together! We still have strawberries, I see leftover apples from last fall, the first peaches and raspberries – and garlic scapes and bulbs of garlic too – basil and tomatoes, early spring cheeses and late fall ones – it’s a great time to be at the market. Today is not raining – but still nice and cool. A good Wednesday for a shop!



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2 Responses to “At LAAAAAAAAAAST!!!!”

  1. Amy Says:

    All SO good to hear! 🙂 I can’t go to the market after work today because I’m headed to Shakespeare in the Park tonight. But I’m planning to make a trip Friday. Now I really can’t wait. 🙂

  2. CityGirl Says:

    Here in the Deep South we’ve already hit “overwhelming” on the Product-O-Meter! Squash, beans, herbs, carrots, onions…Just waiting for the tomatoes to ripen!!

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