Today I saw – and bought – fava beans from Yunno’s. I adore them! I will be roasting a big hunk of pork I got on Wednesday tomorrow (it’s sloooooowly defrosting in the ‘fridge) and peeling and mashing my favas. I may even mix them with a bit of the garlic scape spread I got on Wednesday for a bit of zing – or I may put the spread on the roast (YUM) when I spear it with the fresh roasemary.

Tonight’s dinner is simple: cucumber & radish salad (Yunno’s) with hunks of bread (our Daily Bread), boiled eggs (pullets from Yunnos), a quarter of a wheel of Shepard’s Valley “Baby Shepard” cheese followed by Berried Treasures TriStar strawberries.

Today I also picked up a half pint of the wild strawberries from Berried Treasures. They are expensive at $10 per half pint – but I will not be eating them out of hand. Instead, I’ll make a small batch of wild strawberry cordial with them. When you have something like this, try to use it in the way that will make it last as long as possible. My sour cherry cordial from last year is finally ready to drink. Fantastic!

I asked at information today about Honey Hollow Farms. They are fine! Just with all the rain they haven’t had enough produce to make coming to market viable. Let’s hope for a few days of sun on Monday and Tuesday, so we can have a flush of beautiful mushrooms next week!



One Response to “Favas!”

  1. Amy Says:

    To hold you over, the maitake and shiitake I got from John Madura were really fantastic in the gnocchi I made last night. And his portabellos looked amazing.

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