Berried Treasures, Indeed


Today I stoppped off at Berried Treasures to see what I could see. I spied TriStar Strawberries that they have been back-crossing with wild strawberries. Yum! I got a box, and contemplated the *teeny weeny* half pints of Real Wild Strawberries. Just gorgeous at $10/ half pint. I may indulge later. On the tart side, they are bursting with flavor. Perhaps I will get some and either use them in a cordial or a soda syrup. I also saw black mint, a plethora of baby potatoes, fresh chammomile (sp?!) and lovely fresh herbs. Stop by.

The Milliport Dairy folks have BEEF JERKY! I love beef jerky! I got a pack. At $7 a pack it’s pricey – but you can try before you buy. Mmm.

Lots of gorgeous greens today everywhere at the market – and heirloom tomatoes are starting to come in. Check the North side of the market for those. For myself today? Young summer red onions from Yunnos and summer Tuscan Kale. I’ll be having that tonight with pasta and some fresh garlic, pine nuts (from my freezer) and maybe some chopped up dried apricots (not local).

Have a great weekend all!



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