‘Scape from the Future


I kept seeing signs last week saying “Garlic Scapes are Here!” – but I never saw any actual garlic scapes!

Today I saw that Maxwell’s had them at $6/lb – along with pretty strawberries and rhubarb. I bought some scapes, but had already bought my strawberries at Yunno’s, along with some eggs. Both stands had shelling peas! My favorite.

Over the weekend I made mac n’ cheese at home – the real McCoy as they say – with fresh shelled sweet peas from the Greenmarket. Fantastic! Tonight will be leftovers and a cucumber salad. I may throw the garlic scapes into a quiche for us to eat for lunch this week. With fresh strawberries for dessert! What, really, could be better than that?

Don’t know what garlic scapes are? They are the unopened flowers of the garlic plant. They are gently garlickly – almost like garlic & asparagus together – but they don’t make your pee smell weird. I like to quickly sauté them and then put them in quiches! Others like to just serve them sauteed with butter. Experiment, and see what you like best.

It’s cool and overcast today. A nice day for the market.


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