More Morels


Today, Honey Hollow Farms busted out the yellow morels again. “Callo! Calleigh! She chortled in her joy!” Oh yes, I am the Jabberwhocky of Mushrooms.

Naturally I bought a pint ($10) and eyed the ‘A’ grades at $49/lb, and the ‘B’ grades at $39/lb. There was a sign saying he had oyster mushrooms too, but I did not notice them among the bounty. He had angelica (herb) and wild stinging nettles, ramps and fiddlehead ferns.

Ramps and asparugus are pretty much everywhere at this point. Berried Treasure had green garlic, and a big bag of just ramp bulbs, as well as bundles of the wild edible with green attached. If you are interested in pickling ramps, I’d get some of the solo bulbs for that especially. I saw some rhubarb there and bought a couple of stalks to pair with the GORGEOUS red strawberries they are selling at Keenan’s. Quarts are $7. I bought 2, because I knew I would not be able to resist eating some in the afternoon!

Lots of rhubarb, lots of ramps, and lots of asparagus all around. Between Valley Shepard and the Buffalo milk people, you can hit up the hydroponics folk for fresh tomatoes, basil and arugula. Pick up a demi-baguette at Bread Alone, and voila! Lunch!

It promises to be a gorgeous day out. Take a walk to the Greenmarket!


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2 Responses to “More Morels”

  1. Dave Klopfenstein Says:

    I’ve never gotten morels and I’m so curious about them. Does Honey Hollow sell them fresh or dried? Are they still available?

  2. baconbit Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Two weeks ago, Honey Hollow was selling fresh yellow morels. Morels are not farmable mushrooms – so they are purely wild. Which is Honey Hollow’s specialty 🙂 I didn’t see the farm at the market the past two weeks – I’m assuming it’s not been a good mushroom season – too much rain and not enough sun maybe.

    In the past, Honey Hollow has had dried morels but it’s not a sure thing. Most wildcrafted foods aren’t. There’s no way to pin point what the haul will be each time our man goes out mushroom hunting. Wild mushrooms are picky creatures! If he has any, I’ll try and let folks know. Usually he sells bags of mixed wild mushrooms at the end of the mushroom hunting season. In autumn, stock up on a bag or two.

    I love dried mushrooms – but there is little to compare to fresh ones! They are so delicate and marvelous!

    I’m hoping he’s back this Wednesday. I’m a huge fan of wild mushrooms and vastly prefer them to the farmed kind, so when the Hollow has mushrooms, I do my best to make sure folks know about it. I’m missing my mushrooms though! Here’s to hoping for a day or two of sun to get those woodland babies fruiting and something to bring to market!


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