Sing for SPRING!


Today was one of those glorious days at market where magic happens.

First of all, HONEY HOLLOW FARMS IS BACK! My favorite eggs! And gloooooorious mushrooms! They have started off the season with a bang – $10 pints of yellow morels. Choose-your-own are priced at $39/lb on the high end. I could not see the low end price as I was blocked by very excited and joyous people 🙂

Of course I got a pint of morels, as well as a pint of fiddleheads, and a bunch of ramps. My dozen eggs as well – I love their eggs. The closest eggs in quality I’ve found at market so far are Yunno’s pullet eggs – bright orange yolks, no sulfur, and if you drop one on the floor the shells are so thick they don’t crack. Fantastic flavor.

Then I sauntered over to Arcadian Pastures where at long last they had RABBIT! I have been waiting breathlessly for the return of rabbit for weeks now, and what joy that it’s finally here! Tomorrow night is my “datenight” with my husband. We’ll be having rabbit with morels and ramps in white wine, served with sauteed fiddleheads, toasted baguette (from Bread Alone) and the last of our sheepsmilk cheese with truffles.

Tonight though he’s going out – so I’ll be feasting alone on sheepsmilk ricotta raviolis ($6.50 from Shepard’s Valley) and asparagus. Gotta remember to pick up asparagus at lunch – it’s everywhere 🙂 As are ramps! Tons of people have them, and they are now $2.50 a bunch at every stand. Stock up.

Other fantastic meals leapt to my eye today as well! Cayuga Farms has their huge selection of beans, and they are situated very close to Tamarack Hollow who had ham hocks. I see a love match in my future…. I’m still working on last week’s beans though! So we’ll see!

It’s a beautiful day. Go out, and eat!


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