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More Morels

May 20, 2009

Today, Honey Hollow Farms busted out the yellow morels again. “Callo! Calleigh! She chortled in her joy!” Oh yes, I am the Jabberwhocky of Mushrooms.

Naturally I bought a pint ($10) and eyed the ‘A’ grades at $49/lb, and the ‘B’ grades at $39/lb. There was a sign saying he had oyster mushrooms too, but I did not notice them among the bounty. He had angelica (herb) and wild stinging nettles, ramps and fiddlehead ferns.

Ramps and asparugus are pretty much everywhere at this point. Berried Treasure had green garlic, and a big bag of just ramp bulbs, as well as bundles of the wild edible with green attached. If you are interested in pickling ramps, I’d get some of the solo bulbs for that especially. I saw some rhubarb there and bought a couple of stalks to pair with the GORGEOUS red strawberries they are selling at Keenan’s. Quarts are $7. I bought 2, because I knew I would not be able to resist eating some in the afternoon!

Lots of rhubarb, lots of ramps, and lots of asparagus all around. Between Valley Shepard and the Buffalo milk people, you can hit up the hydroponics folk for fresh tomatoes, basil and arugula. Pick up a demi-baguette at Bread Alone, and voila! Lunch!

It promises to be a gorgeous day out. Take a walk to the Greenmarket!



Friday Market

May 15, 2009

Lots of beautiful farmed mushrooms at John Maduras today including two kinds of oyster mushroom. Lots of greens today from several vendors, and Yunnos had a few cukes up by the register. The Buffalo milk people had a huge stack of gorgeous cannolis! Go get one!

Looking for interesting meats? Grazin’ Angus Acres has marrow bones, Tamarack Hollow has pigs feet, and Bobolink has crusty bread to serve with both of them.

And tons of fresh plants and herbs everywhere.

Have a good weekend all.


Sing for SPRING!

May 13, 2009

Today was one of those glorious days at market where magic happens.

First of all, HONEY HOLLOW FARMS IS BACK! My favorite eggs! And gloooooorious mushrooms! They have started off the season with a bang – $10 pints of yellow morels. Choose-your-own are priced at $39/lb on the high end. I could not see the low end price as I was blocked by very excited and joyous people 🙂

Of course I got a pint of morels, as well as a pint of fiddleheads, and a bunch of ramps. My dozen eggs as well – I love their eggs. The closest eggs in quality I’ve found at market so far are Yunno’s pullet eggs – bright orange yolks, no sulfur, and if you drop one on the floor the shells are so thick they don’t crack. Fantastic flavor.

Then I sauntered over to Arcadian Pastures where at long last they had RABBIT! I have been waiting breathlessly for the return of rabbit for weeks now, and what joy that it’s finally here! Tomorrow night is my “datenight” with my husband. We’ll be having rabbit with morels and ramps in white wine, served with sauteed fiddleheads, toasted baguette (from Bread Alone) and the last of our sheepsmilk cheese with truffles.

Tonight though he’s going out – so I’ll be feasting alone on sheepsmilk ricotta raviolis ($6.50 from Shepard’s Valley) and asparagus. Gotta remember to pick up asparagus at lunch – it’s everywhere 🙂 As are ramps! Tons of people have them, and they are now $2.50 a bunch at every stand. Stock up.

Other fantastic meals leapt to my eye today as well! Cayuga Farms has their huge selection of beans, and they are situated very close to Tamarack Hollow who had ham hocks. I see a love match in my future…. I’m still working on last week’s beans though! So we’ll see!

It’s a beautiful day. Go out, and eat!



May 8, 2009


Another Spring novelty has arrived at the market… along with ramps and asparagus we now can enjoy fiddleheads! Don’t forget to clean them very well and sauté them a bit longer than you would the asparagus. Toss them with bread crumbs and roasted garlic, or braise them in a lemon and white wine sauce.

Friday market at Berried Treasures (NW corner)

Stuff and Things

May 4, 2009

get Quiet day at the Market today – probably because of the rain. I like it like that though. Mild, damp, the greens seem to glow, and I’m less likely to get elbowed accidentally.

Lots of asparugus and rhubarb today at a few different places. John Maduras had maitake mushrooms and others. Tons of spring onions. I also saw that today’s fish monger had pre-cooked lobsters for $9. I briefly entertained getting one for lunch!

That’s it. Happy Monday all.