Sheepy Goodness


I am pretty lactose intolerant. I can’t really eat cheese or cream these days, and it’s a sad thing. I’ve found that goat cheese is just as bad as cow cheese… but for some weird reason, I can tolerate sheep cheese.

Luckily, I LOVE sheep cheese!

Today at Shepard Valley Creamery, I was happy to see that my favorite cheese they make was available. It is the Tarftufo, and it is an aged sheep cheese flecked all over with beautiful black truffle. They usually have it all through spring, and by summer it’s all gone. I got a nice quarter pound slice, along with some of the their lovely sheepsmilk ricotta.

Stop by if you can! They had cultured butter, sheep and goat milk yogurts, and beautiful cheeses of every sort: cow, sheep and goat.



One Response to “Sheepy Goodness”

  1. Amy Says:

    Oh, man, their Tartufo is one of my favorite things EVER. Now I really need to find a time to get to the market. 🙂

    I had forgotten that you can do sheep’s milk. When you are in the mood for a good cheese experience, you should definitely head over to Artisanal. The cheese menu I have in my purse from the other night has 32 sheep’s milk cheeses on it. 🙂

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