Ramping up for Spring!


While you’ve been sitting at your computer Max has been out digging for ramps!



Aren’t these photos by BeinGreen seductive?
But Max Creek is not the only ramp perveyor – diagonally accross from him, the ladies of Berried Treasures have tiny french potatoes, and cases of ramps as well. They were the only two we saw at market today – but seeing ramps at last? We know that spring has FINALLY sprung! Sure, there are hyacinths and crocuses on the ground, and daffodils for sale, but it’s not really spring until those ramps come in.

I stopped by Arcadian Pastures today to see what they had on hand – lovely pork loin roasts with a perfect layer of fat encapsulating them, and rack of lamb. I inquired about rabbit and was told possibly next week, but definitely in 2 weeks. I’ll be having it as soon as it’s available, and will be pairing it with ramps and who knows what by then!

Tonight’s dinner was going to be a lovely roasted chicken, but I’ve decided to cook that off tomorrow night. Tonight? Demi-baguette from Bread Alone, Yunno’s pullet eggs over easy, and sauteed ramps. I can’t think of a better way to greet the Spring!

I hope you all had a marvelous Easter!



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