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April 27, 2009

I saw asparagus today. It may have been there Friday – I didn’t manage to hit the market – but three folks had it today: Yunnos, Maxwell’s, and Phillips. Everyone had it at the same price, so it’s just a matter of whom you favor.

Also at Yunno’s I saw a plethora of spring greens, lovely spring onions, and edible flowers in the salad mix. They need more small change over there, so if you have any $10s, $5s and $1s, they will be grateful.

Maxwell’s hosted a ton of potatoes, some rhubarb – the first I’ve seen this season – some gorgeous herbs, and several varieties of dried beans.

Phillips had small potted plants, and some green onions.

At 8:50, the textile recylcing people were just setting up their table, as were the Windfall Farms folks. So, I’ll be back at lunch to make my textile donation and for a walk around the park in the beautiful weather.

No strawberries yet – but I am hopeful they will come soon with the hot weather. To itch my strawberry itch, I picked up some strawberry-apple juice at Red Jacket orchards. Poor guy got hit with a $50 just before I came up with a $20! I had already spent all my smaller bills at Yunno’s and Maxwell’s. So try and be nice to everyone, and I will make sure to hoard my small bills for Wednesday to balance out my karmic bill debt at the market!

Overall, what a great way to start the week!



First Honeybee Hive at White House!

April 25, 2009

OK, now urban beekeeping has hit the big time. Story here:


Sheepy Goodness

April 22, 2009

I am pretty lactose intolerant. I can’t really eat cheese or cream these days, and it’s a sad thing. I’ve found that goat cheese is just as bad as cow cheese… but for some weird reason, I can tolerate sheep cheese.

Luckily, I LOVE sheep cheese!

Today at Shepard Valley Creamery, I was happy to see that my favorite cheese they make was available. It is the Tarftufo, and it is an aged sheep cheese flecked all over with beautiful black truffle. They usually have it all through spring, and by summer it’s all gone. I got a nice quarter pound slice, along with some of the their lovely sheepsmilk ricotta.

Stop by if you can! They had cultured butter, sheep and goat milk yogurts, and beautiful cheeses of every sort: cow, sheep and goat.


Ramping up for Spring!

April 15, 2009

While you’ve been sitting at your computer Max has been out digging for ramps!



Aren’t these photos by BeinGreen seductive?
But Max Creek is not the only ramp perveyor – diagonally accross from him, the ladies of Berried Treasures have tiny french potatoes, and cases of ramps as well. They were the only two we saw at market today – but seeing ramps at last? We know that spring has FINALLY sprung! Sure, there are hyacinths and crocuses on the ground, and daffodils for sale, but it’s not really spring until those ramps come in.

I stopped by Arcadian Pastures today to see what they had on hand – lovely pork loin roasts with a perfect layer of fat encapsulating them, and rack of lamb. I inquired about rabbit and was told possibly next week, but definitely in 2 weeks. I’ll be having it as soon as it’s available, and will be pairing it with ramps and who knows what by then!

Tonight’s dinner was going to be a lovely roasted chicken, but I’ve decided to cook that off tomorrow night. Tonight? Demi-baguette from Bread Alone, Yunno’s pullet eggs over easy, and sauteed ramps. I can’t think of a better way to greet the Spring!

I hope you all had a marvelous Easter!


Don’t Passover the Market

April 8, 2009

Happy Passover everyone! Sorry, but the pun had to be made.

Today at the market, there’s very little that is definitely kosher, but I saw some lovely macaroons at Baker’s Bounty if you like coconut. Even if you don’t keep kosher, and are not Jewish, if you like coconut, macaroons are delicious!

Plenty of honey and apples to form the base of your charoses. And plenty of bitter herbs.

Other than that, it’s still a slow beginning – but the signs of spring are in full bloom as they say. Some young scallions and lots of herbs that were greenhoused waiting for your windowsills. Microgreens abound at the market, and plenty of eggs. Cayuga Organics is out today, selling lovely dried beans. I got a nice pint or so of pinto beans for about $3, which I will be cooking up with some black forest ham that my mother in law sent me. She is from the Black Forest region in Germany and sends us a ham every year. Delish!

As you can tell – I do NOT keep kosher. What can I say? I am a terrible Jew – but at least I won’t cook my beans and ham tonight of all nights. Instead, I’ll be at my mother’s house tonight, eating charoses, bitter herbs, and drinking a token glass of wine to celebrate the passage of our people from slavery in Egypt.

Don’t forget to set a place for Elijah, and leave the door cracked open to let him in, and be sure to practice hospitality with strangers.


PS: Before I forget – on Monday I bought a dozen of Yunno’s pullet eggs ($5). They are INCREDIBLE. The yolks are not yellow but a beautiful shade of orange. I used six of them to make egg salad, and my egg salad looked like I had put tumeric or saffron in it, when all it had were eggs, mayo, mustard, black pepper, a pinch of salt, and a spoonful of pickled garlic seeds. FANTASTICALLY DELICIOUS! I cannot wait to make a yellow cake with these beauties.