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Pork Disappointment

February 24, 2009

It’s been so long since I posted…. and to post a disappointment feels terrible. However, I think it’s important.

As you might have guessed from my nickname, I am a pork lover. I usually buy from Tamarack Hollow, and I like Flying Pigs as well. However,  for the past few weeks I have noticed that the Queens County Farm folk have had pork. Well, it’s so nearby, I decided to give it a try.

Unlike most meat sellers, their pork is wrapped in brown paper. Trustingly, I requested a pound of pork loin and forked over my $17 for it.

I got home late that night and went to make my husband and myself a quick dinner. I opened up our pork to find that at least half of it was fat, and another quarter was the bone. We were left with about 5 ounces of pork for the two of us. A serving of meat according to nutritional guidelines is between 3 & 4 ounces per person.

I’m a fan of fatty pork, don’t get me wrong. It’s where the flavor comes from, and it’s part of the animal. I’m fine paying for bones too. But I have an issue when I literally paid $17 for pure fat and bone and less than a serving of meat per person… Especially when I expected (I think rightfully so) to get at least two full servings out of the pound. Perhaps I would have chosen another cut if I could have seen the meat. Perhaps not. I don’t know.

I do know that I feel mistrustful of buying meat from them again. The brown paper packaging, while quaint and lovely to look at, is put on and then the weigh sticker is added to prevent you from seeing the meat. I have an issue with this.

I like spending money on small farms, and I do not begrudge farmers the money I spend. At the same time though, I know that Tamarack Hollow’s pork loin is not sold this way. I am not sure about Flying Pig. Either way, I won’t be buying meat from the Queens County Museum Farm again. Maybe honey (and theirs is more pricy than others in the market), and veg – but I’ll only buy what I can see there.

There’s few things I like less than a bait & switch. Especially in this economy. We market buyers are still buying… and still paying premium prices because of our commitment to local foods. To cheat us of all people is very low. Not all of us are high-paid executives. A good number of us are decidedly middle class in a city that’s priced for the upper-classes.

As to the quality of the meat? It was fine. If outrageous at the cost. If they change their packaging, I may buy from them again. For now though, their meat has left nothing but a bad taste in my mouth.