Vegan Chocolate Spelt Tea Cake


About a year ago, when I first learned I could no longer really tolerate dairy, I was bereft. Then, one day at the market, Bread Alone had this incredible vegan chocolate spelt tea cake, that was like a chocolate pound cake, sans butter and wheat. It was incredible. The next week I went back to get a slice and was informed they didn’t have it.

I kept going back. No cake. No cake. No cake. Until finally one day they told me they’d never have it again, and I was sad.

Today I stopped by for a demi-baguette, and what did I see? MY CAKE!

I bought two slices! I suggest you do too – even if you can eat dairy and wheat – because this cake is so damn good! It is moist, and chocolately, and delicious! Far better than the wheat-bricks that Body & Soul attempts  to pass off as “treats”.

I’m hoping that if more people get addicted to this cake, they’ll carry it more often…. and maybe, one day, expand their vegan line.
So help a milk-intoerant person out and eat some cake! You won’t be sorry.



2 Responses to “Vegan Chocolate Spelt Tea Cake”

  1. HelpingHand Says:

    Saw how much you liked this cake and thought you may like a vegan recipe that you could do for yourself.


  2. baconbit Says:

    Thanks HH! I’m copying and pasting 🙂

    I have a whole cookbook of yummy vegan desserts – but sometimes it’s really nice to know I can pop down to the market and pick something up during a break too 🙂

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