Harvest time


Today there is a plethora of late season tomatoes, hot peppers, garlic, and all the root veggies you could ever want. I highly recommend purchasing a small half pint of mixed hot peppers from any vendor. When you get home, using a needle and thread, string the peppers onto a thread and hang in your kitchen to dry. Use them all winter.

Or just pop them into the freezer. The cold will cause the water to expand, and the celluar walls of the peppers to burst. When stew time comes around, just put a whole pepper, frozen, into your stew pot. It will slowly unfreeze and all the myriad flavors of pepper -not just the heat – citrus and earth tones, crisp green, and all, will leach into your stew with no pepper bits to get caught in your teeth. Exceptional for soups as well.

THere are still peaches! A mild and long growing season this year!

By the way, did you pick up your copy of the Joy of Pickling yet? Because there’s a great recipe in there for pickled Fairytale eggplants (which are in abundance in the market today) stuffed with garlic (market) and preserved in a spicy hot pepper/vinegar brine (hot peppers everywhere today). Really folks, they are just marvelous. You should buy the book and make some for yourself. Bring them to a friends house, or have a cocktail party. So good!



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