Maitakes & Sorbet


Today I branched out a little, and bought rosemary sorbet for my afternoon snack! I’m excited to try it!

Honey Hollow has Maitake Mushrooms today – my absolute favorite mushroom. Well, now second to the Hunters Heart of last week… . and THIS week! I turned the HH into a mushroom gravy that I served with broiled steak from Acadian Farms, and couscous with callaloo, dried blueberries, pinenuts and pickled garlic seeds. Delicious! The next day we still had mushroom gravy, so I served it up over artichoke raviolis.

By the way: Duck fat makes everything better. It is my new mantra. I made popped corn with duck fat, and seasoned it with black pepper and sea salt. WOW. INCREDIBLE. Highly recommended.

Cranberry beans are everywhere right now. Shell ’em and cook gently with garlic, onions, and/or pancetta or sausage. You’ll be glad you did.

BTW: Friday, I will not be reporting as I’m off for a long weekend. Have fun in my absence!



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