Wild Hive


It’s September, and Wild Hive Bakery is back with their lovely local scones and cinnamon whirls. My colleague uses their oatmeal as well. I’m still in the middle of a bag of 10-grain hot cereal from Bob’s Red Mill, but when it runs out, I hope to try their oatmeal. I love the broken groats – not the rolled kind. Rolled? Too… I dunno. I just don’t like the texture.

Anyway! So, yes, Wild Hive is back and I am so glad. I didn’t see any cider today, weirdly enough. THat will change soon.

I bought $15 worth of lima beans today – most will be shucked, parboiled, and frozen for the winter. I got the limas at Yunno’s, along with some calloo – my latest and most favorite green. Use it like spinich, and marvel at it’s magnificent flavor, which I totally cannot describe.

Tonight for dinner, or tomorrow night (I haven’t decided), will be steak from Arcadian pastures and those mushrooms I bought. And calloo. And maybe some limas too.

Have a lovely weekend all!



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