Oak Grove Mills- Flour, Popcorn & Bacon!


Hello. Dairy Queen here. I apologize for my extremely long absence without a post. I’ll blame my Brooklyn CSA farm share, who has been supplying me with delicious fruits and veggies for the summer from Garden of Eve Farm on Long Island. Needless to say my Greenmarket shopping has dwindled, and I didn’t want to bore you with my same old purchases of eggs and bacon. Today I ventured out in search of, yes, eggs- thanks Tello’s!, but also flour. I’ve been making a lot of tarts lately. I remembered that Wild Hive Farm used to be at the market on Fridays, but alas I did not find them today. Apparently they are only coming on Saturdays. Sigh. Too bad for me. Luckily the friendly Greenmarket staff informed me that Oak Grove Farms would have some flour. It was true, they carry two kinds of flour- whole wheat and buckwheat. They also have popcorn, and I’ve found their bacon to be delicious. Their stand appears to sell only veggies, fruits, pepper plants and some flowers. You need to ask for the flour and popcorn, and they will happily get it for your from the truck. The bacon and other meat is in a big white cooler. Happy shopping.


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