Honey Hollow Farms has more Ovolo mushrooms today. Last week, I tried them.

Ovolo, or Olvolio mushroom is a member of the infamous Amanita genus, the genus that gives us the ghost white Death Angel that causes liver & kidney failure, as well as the hallucinogenic Fly Agaric of Siberian shamen and Super Mario Brothers fame.

The Ovolo however is related, but different. It’s botanical name is Amanita caesarea. If you are familiar with latin, you might have guessed that it’s a favorite of Italians, especially Romans. Unlike it’s more infamous bretheren, the Ovolo is very edible, and highly prized.

I prepared them the way I was told to by our intrepid mushroom hunter: sliced thin, and dressed simply with excellent olive oil and fresh garlic. They were lovely. Earthy, almost creamy, a little meaty. I was nervous at first bite, don’t get me wrong. But I placed my trust in Honey Hollow, and was amply rewarded.

If you are a mushroom lover, I recommend picking some up today, for consumption in the next couple of days.




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