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Before I get to the “meat” of this post, i wanted to say that Honey Hollow Farms has an incredible mushroom selection today: Ovolo mushrooms (a European delicacy), porcinis, lobster mushrooms, chantarelles, and mixed 1/2 pint mushrooms. AWESOME.


Monday, a reader wrote in to say that he didn’t know what to do with lima beans. I wrote a quick response with a quick succotash recipe.

Today, at the market, I saw all the ingredients for succotash – along with a few new ones – among the produce, so I’m going to rewrite that recipe along with the shopping list you’ll need to make it.

For some reason, succotash – a Native American dish of corn and beans – gets a bad rap. It shouldn’t. Made with fresh produce, there are few dishes more sublime. And talk about LOCAL! Corn and beans grow in every state of our great nation. Furthermore, this dish and all it’s variations, goes back thousands of years on this very soil. You can’t get more local and native than this. OK, so I embellish a bit with pig meat and the like, but this is the truth of it’s heart. Everything else is emblematic of the history of our nation, of natives, and immigrants (forced and free) alike.

    NYC Succotash
    Ingredient list:

1.5 lbs – 2 lbs lima beans (CHerry Hill Farms) in shell
4 ears corn (Cherry HIll, or many other vendors)
pancetta or bacon (Tamarack Hollow Farms)
Garlic (Keith’s)
Leeks (Keith’s) or onions (many farmers)
carrots (many farmers)
cream & butter (Ronnybrook Dairy)
fresh sage (Keith’s)


1. Shell the beans. Put in a bowl.

2. Shuck corn, and then cut corn from the cob using a knife and a big bowl. I like to stand the corn on end and kind of “shave” the corn off. Use a SHARP knife!

3. Slice up a carrot, leeks, some garlic, and either 1 or 2 slices of bacon, or dice a hunk of pancetta.

4. Put pancetta/bacon in a sauté pan, and begin frying. Melt out the fat. When the fat is in the pan, add the alliums (leeks & garlic) and sauté until transluscent. Add carrots and keep sauteeing.

5. Add corn and limas beans, and a little bit (maybe a 1/2 cup) of NYC tap water. Remember folks, our tap water comes from the Adirondaks. It is actually spring water! Amazing! How lucky are we? Very. Add chopped sage – about 5 leaves.

6. Cover and cook until the limas are bright green. Maybe 5-10 minutes.

7. Add a knob of butter, and some heavy cream, to taste. Also, even though it’s not local, add some black pepper and salt. No one will be mad at you. In fact, they will thank you. You won’t need much with the pancetta in there!

8. Eat. Rejoyce!

NOTE: This makes a LOT of succotash! Dinner for 2 adults, followed by 3 lunches with sandwiches on the side. It reheats beautifully. I promise you – this is not that awful cafeteria succotash that you grew up with. This? This is heaven! Let us know what you think!




2 Responses to “100% Local”

  1. scott Says:

    I might point out at that at least Tamarak Hollow Farm is hardly a ‘local’ source to NYC. Mike and Elsa’s farm is in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, North of St. Johnsbury.

    Notwithstanding that fact, thanks for the great blog, and I’d take Mike’s pork over any other I’ve had.

  2. baconbit Says:

    Hey Scott,

    First off : thanks for the compliment! The blog is a lot of fun to do, and Mike’s pork is incredible. I’ve been buying his pork pretty exclusively for about 2 years now.

    As for local- one has to define ones terms. If I wanted to be a strict 100 mile person, I could not eat Mike’s pork, it’s true. I try to keep it under 500 miles though, and when it comes to meat, I want it from the farmer direct.

    Your mileage, as they say, may vary 🙂

    Thank you so much for reading us!


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