Fairytale Vegetables


It’s a gorgeous day today. Perfect for market. Fat lobster & chantarelle mushrooms graced Honey Hollow Farm’s table, along with an adorable little fruit called “the Mexican Sour Gherkin”. Our man says they are not in the cucumber family but they tasted like it to me. And so CUTE!

Speaking of cute, Cherry Lane Farms had the most beautiful tiny eggplants called “Fairytale”. If I were not allergic to them, I’d buy a couple of pounds, stuff them with whole cloves of garlic from Keith’s farm, and roast them, grill them, or pickle them. Mmm. Little bundles of goodness. Well, for you, not for me 🙂 They are beautiful though, and I loooooove to look even if I can’t eat.

As for me, I’ll have to suffer the lack of eggplant goodness in my life by eating Tamarack Hollow porkchops smothered in chantarelles & garlic. It’s a tough life! Speaking of Tamarack Hollow – they are carrying duck these days! Next week, I think I shall get one!



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