Oh, fat: you have been saddled with terrible connotations, and it’s really too bad, because as descriptor, you cannot be beat.

Today at John Maduras, I saw beautiful FAT FAT FAT King Trumpet Mushrooms. Thick, and fleshy, they called out to me to be roasted or grilled or broiled and then sliced into thin leaves of flavorful flesh. I’ll be interleaving them with medallions of lamb on Saturday night. What’s your weekend plan? Mine involves foot long beans from Yunnos, and artichokes from Muddy Creek Farm. I saw plenty of heirlooms for you tomato lovers, that would pair perfectly with the ricotta sheep cheese at that market today.

Tonight will be a quick dinner, but tomorrow I plan to cook for awhile. I cannot wait. Such pleasure is to be found in creating dishes for your loved ones, it’s a way to express how you feel, to say something, to demonstrate it, and to eat it all back!

What joy!

Have a wonderful weekend, all!




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