Second Flush


A wise farmer knows how to keep plants producing beyond their initial crop. This second crop is sometimes known as the bumper crop, or the second flush.

Today at the market, with the arrival of many many green beans and summer squashes, I saw tons of shelling peas and sugar snap peas – our second flush is here and looks delicious.

As we all know, the economy is in the tank, and our dollars are not stretching as far as they used to. I’m unwilling to give up what I feel is some of the best produce and food in NYC and will continue to shop at the greenmarket – but I’m also feeling the need to be more careful in how I spend that money – and be more creative in utilizing my leftovers and stretching my food.

This week’s tip? When cooking your produce, make *extra*! That way, when you have eaten your fill of sauteed or roasted veg for dinner, you have plenty leftover to throw in with vinagrette and cooked rice to make rice salad, or millet salad, or quinoa salad – for lunch the next day.

Tonight’s dinner will consist of cornbread, and summer squash, and a chantarelle & garlic frittata. Alongside I’ll be cooking that quinoa for tomorrow’s salad.

Remember: it may be raining, but the market is always sunny! In our hearts, at any rate!



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