Peach Salsa


Hello darlings! I’m back, and I’m married. I’m keeping my name though, so feel free to simply refer to me as Ms.Bit, and not Mrs.Bit’sHusband’sName. Thanks!

It’s a beautiful day at the market, and I bought big ripe peaches and mint for salsa tonight. You see, sadly, I have a bad food intolerance to all the members of the nightshade family: tomatoes, peppers (sweet & hot), potatoes and eggplants. They seem diverse, it is true, but all are part of the family Solanaceae, and all upset my intenstines terribly. My mouth loves them, but my belly does not.

But what is a girl to do in the summertime when she’s craving salsa and chips?! Especially a girl who remembers the taste fondly?

Make peach salsa. Seriously.

I first made this as mango-salsa, long before I pinpointed my issues with nightshades, but peaches work beautifully, are local, and in season. Feel free to freeze too, for the depths of winter. This is fantastic on chips – but also topping fish, marinated & grilled tofu, or anything else your little heart desires.

    Peach Salsa

You will need: peaches, garlic, mint, hot peppers (optional), and lemon juice.
Peel & cut up 1 or 2 peaches, dice up some cloves of garlic, dice a handful of mint, dice as many hot peppers as you like (none, in my case) and squeeze a lemon. Combine. Let sit for at least 15 minutes, but better yet, a day or so. Eat. Laugh with joy and do a little dance in your kitchen, or around your table.




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