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I could do yet another post where I rave about the gorgeous lush produce of the market – but aren’t you bored by that? Not that the produce is boring – but each week of the high season, what else is there say? It’s all beautiful, delectable, verdant, lush and abundant. What the heck will we DO with it all?

Today I found myself missing a summer favorite – a dish I call “Fruit Pizza”. Fruit pizza takes advantage of the best fruit of the season, the beautiful sheep’s milk ricotta I saw at the market this morning, and the infamous (or is it just famous now) NYT “No Knead” Bread recipe. It is dead easy, and can be eaten for breakfast with a cup of coffee, at lunch or dinner with a salad and glass of New York State white wine, or as a snack in the afternoon with tea. It may be eaten hot out of the oven, or cold from the ‘fridge. Truly, this is a food made for this day and age – and made from our local foodstuffs. What could be better?

    Fruit Pizza

1 ball of No Knead Bread Dough, that has risen fully once or twice
2 cups of your favorite fruits prepped (either taken off the vine or sliced if large like a peach)
1/4-1/2 lb ricotta, or goat cheese, or other fresh soft cheese
2 tbsp. honey, maple syrup, or other sweetener

Get out a cookie sheet and spread your dough out nice and thin on the sheet. About 1/4″ thick all around – you know – like pizza! Mix sweetener with ricotta. Spread ricotta & fruit on dough. Bake at 400F until top is lightly browned and bubbling. Take out, cut, and eat.

Other additions that are tasty: pinches of cinnamon, fresh ginger, fresh basil, lavender, really anything you like with fruit.





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