Cherry season is in full swing at the market today. Wow. Many kinds, mounded up, high and glistening everywhere.

At my little community garden, the sour cherry tree is fully ripe. I picked a quart’s worth and brough it home and put them in vodka to make Sour Cherry Cordial. I can’t find the recipe online right now, but when I do, I’ll give the credit. You can make this with sweet cherries too.
Sour Cherry Cordial

Ingredients: 3 cups vodka, 1 quart cherries, 1.5 cups sugar, a cool dark place, a large container.

Put the vodka and washed, unpierced, whole cherries (sans stems) in a  large container. I like to use my old 5lb honey jar.

Let sit in a cool dark place for 1 month. Shake occassionally.

After a month add sugar, and let sit another month, shaking when you think of it.

Strain, bottle, and age four months.

Drink as an apertif, or digetif, chilled or warm, in tiny little glasses, and remember summer.


In other news: Norwich Meadow Farms has gorgeous favas today!

ETA: Hey – I got that Cherry Cordial recipe from Homestead Farm. Credit, where credit is due, my friends.



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  1. Quickie « Greenmarket Report Says:

    […] Saw black raspberries and sour cherries today. Fantastic! The cherries are *perfect* for making Sour Cherry Cordial. You’ll find them on the west side of the market, near the Ghandi […]

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