It’s another perfect day at the Greenmarket. There’s produce everywhere – though the prices are pretty unstable right now. I saw shell peas from $5/lb down to $3/lb, and raspberries for $4 a half pint and $6 a half pint, right accross from one another.

Today I was not going to buy anything – I have a ton of errands to run tonight all over the city, and we only have a half sized fridge at work and….

But then I saw that Honey Hollow was back with his fantastic eggs and fresh porcini mushrooms and all my plans went out the window. I bought a 1/4 lb of his “A” grade porcinis – good lightly sauteed with pasta, or eggs, though in my case it will likely be a little of both, $45/lb. Grade ‘B’ and ‘C’ were giants of things – and he recommends them for soups and stews – the lower the grade, the longer the cooking, and the more of the mushroom you’ll have to peel away before cooking. $40/lb, and $35/lb respectively.




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