The Heights


I know, I know, the Solstice is the Official First Day of Summer – but it never feels like that to me. It feels like midsummer. Maybe it’s because of the heat wave we had a few weeks back, or maybe it’s the appearance of raspberries at Phillips Farms. That’s right, RASPBERRIES.

Naturally, I got some of these plump delicacies. Since they are the first ones, they are kind of crazily priced at $6 a 1/2 pint, or 2 for $10, but it’s the harbringer of more to come, and that always bring joy to my heart.

More joy? Across from Yunnos I spied quarts of Mt.Ranier cherries – those are the gold ones that have a blush of red accross them like tiny peaches, to which they are (of course) related. Just gorgeous.

Speaking of Yunno, she says this is her last week of shell peas, and that the “avocado” squashes are the sweetest of the selection. Some Japanese eggplant too, for those who love such things. They were gorgeous – practically black they were so purple.

Plump and lovely chickens today at Arcadian Pastures for $6.95 a lb. They take cards which is a goodness as I didn’t have enough cash, and I have guests for dinner tomorrow!

A fine day at the market – I saw pretty much something of everything, from asparagus to raspberries. Truly, it’s Summer at now!

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