Market Monday


Greens galore! The market is chock full of greens- in every imaginable shade. Yuno’s look truly lovely. I am now receiving a Community Supported Agriculture farmshare in Brooklyn on the weekends, so I’m trying to resist buying greens during the week (never fear I will still report on availability and of course will continue shopping for meat, seafood, eggs, grains, and dairy). The fragrant basil at Yuno’s stand beckoned me, and I could not resist. The smell just shouts summer to me. There are also lots of other herbs available. I noticed John Madura’s stand had expanded- baconbit frequently reports on his mushrooms- in addition he now has a variety of greens, spring garlic and green onions. Prices seem to be varying pretty widely for produce, so be sure to shop around a bit if you are watching your wallet. Bread prices at Bread Alone have gone up again. Also available at the market today: grass fed beef, seafood, breads and cookies, eggs, pretzels, plants, jams, honey and more! That’s it for now.


One Response to “Market Monday”

  1. Lorrie Says:

    Hey, you smart architects/market-mavens: can you give us a report on the progress (or lack of it) on the reinvention of the Greenmarket? I rarely see workers on the site, and it looks like virtually nothing has been accomplished so far. What’s the story?

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