Five Dollars? Really?


I usually don’t go to the market on the weekends – I live uptown, and the market is downtown, and well… there you go. I stock up on Friday and eat off my purchases until Monday. This Saturday I happened to be in the vicinity and stopped by to ogle the produce and pick up some kind of animal protein. 

On Saturdays – the meat at the market is much more varied. I got some duck breasts (which I am cooking tonight) and better yet: duck eggs & pheasant eggs! I decided I’m not a big fan of the pheasant eggs – but duck eggs? WOW.

I saw some of our same vendors – and a few who seemed to have higher prices than they do during the week. Perhaps it’s an issue of supply and demand – and certainly farmers aren’t rolling in the dough, so it’s difficult to whine too much. But I was still glad that I’d bought my veg on Wednesday.

As to $5 – sugar snap peas are $5 across the board at the market today. Everywhere I looked, $5, $5 – however shell peas are $3.50 *except* at Philips Farm, who’s shell peas are also $5. Hmmm.

I bought mine at Maxwell’s for my frozen peas project, along with extras for salad over the next couple of days. 

Yunno’s still has chiogga beets – and today they had fava beans for $4 a pound. I’ll peel them tonight and blanch them. YUM. I don’t like favas dried, but fresh? They are truly lovely. Need inspiration? Habeas Brûlee has a recipe for favas with seaweed poprocks. If that is too exotic for Monday night dinner, try them with furikake instead.

Speaking of furikake – yesterday I made popped corn. I had gotten the grains from the market in the fall and am still working my way through them. I do my popped corn the old fashioned way on the stove top! I don’t like butter – and didn’t feel like salt. Instead I dressed my popped corn with dark sesame oil and furikake. Fantastic! Do try it sometime.



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