Lovely Friday and samples at the market


Hello. I had a chance to scoot through the NW corner of the market on my way to work this morning. The market is in full swing. Still lots of strawberries, greens, herbs and spring onions. My favorite lately is mint. I’ve been tying with yarn and hanging it up to dry. Once dried, I keep it in a glass jar for really fragrant mint tea all year. Eve’s Cidery is at the market today. They have really delicious ciders- stop by and they will gladly give you a taste. I also spotted the Bobolink Dairy with their popular grass fed cheese and wood fired bread. They also are happy to give you a taste of their cheeses. I love their cheddar, but find that it’s best consumed the day I buy it. Perfect for adding a little kick to a lunch salad. I also spotted DiPaola Turkey Farm. I’m addicted to the spicy turkey sausage. So flavorful and delicious. And, you guessed it, they have samples! That’s all for now. Enjoy your weekend.
~ dq


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