Summer at last


Something in the air has been making me awfully lax this past week – first I was traveling on Friday, and since I got back I’ve been having trouble stirring myself into action – or timeliness! I’m out again *this* Friday – but I hope to get back on track with you all on Monday morning.

As to the Market – this morning I did my usual circle round but did not see Honey Hollow at all – but I think he mentioned he’s taking two weeks off. Mid June is not an ideal time for mushrooms apparently – and even mushroom hunters need time to catch up on all the rest of the farming season!

I did see a new-to-me meat vendor, the Van Glad Family. I’ve forgotten the name of their farm – just their name is on the card but not the farm name. Whoops! However, they were on the West Side of the Market, near the garden and fountain, if that helps. They have a cute wood-burned sign and sell whole and half chickens at $4.50 a pound. They looked lovely, and Mr. Van Glad was friendly and chatty as I bought a chicken from him. Just now I was chatting with DQ, and she mentioned that she bought a half chicken as well. You can expect at least a couple of perspectives on it soon.

I really don’t have much to say except this: SUMMER has definitely arrived! I can’t even begin to describe the multitudes of produce I saw this morning – it was as though the perfect point between spring and summer had been reached: plump radishes of every color, bright red beets, gold chard, white sweet turnips, parsninps, carrots, tomatoes, lettuces of every description, a plethora of cooking greens, snap peas, shelling peas, sugar peas, baby potatoes, bright red tomatoes, wildly priced strawberries (from incredibly cheap to offensively expensive)…. Today was a harvest of perfect early summer bounty at the market.

That said, here’s a little something to dress all those fresh veggies with:

Strawberry Vinegarette
5 plump strawberries
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 a bulb of spring garlic
salt and pepper to taste

Put all your ingredients into a vessel and blend at high. I like to use a stick blender, but a food processor is fine as is an old fashioned blender. Blend at HIGH until everything emulsifies and you get a frothy, creamy, pink concoction. Serve with your fantabulous salad. I enjoyed it in a salad composed of shell peas, tender beet slices, poached shrimp, and crispy cucumber. Garnish with a strawberry on top



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