Another late report


My dearest, most patient, readers. I’m sorry to report late again – that pesky thing called “work” got in the way of my duties to you – and to veggies. Friday, I had to go out of town to attend a wedding! Mazel tov to my darling cousin and his lovely bride!

I did peruse the market this morning however, and saw many delectable treats. Plenty of shelling peas – though this morning they were $3.50/lb at Maxwells, but $5/lb at Yunno’s. I bought them at Maxwell’s, along with almost too ripe strawberries at $6 a quart. I ate the whole thing for breakfast, and got another for home. The market was FULL of strawberries this morning. No missing out for anyone anymore – we are at the height.

At both Yunno’s and Maxwells – and a few other places – I saw my favorite beets! Chiogga beets are also known as “Candy Stripe”. They are bright pink outside. Steam gently and keep al dente. Thinly sliced they reveal rings in alternating pink and white bands. You can eat them raw too as long as they are quite thinly cut – use a mandoline if you have one.

I saw plenty of mushrooms from John Maddura, and Tello’s still has the lovely tiny and delicous pullet eggs at $2.50 a dozen. A bunch of sweat peas and fresh lavender, salad greens, and cucumber, rounded out my purchases. This is salad weather for sure.

Asparagus are becoming rare though you can still find it. The weather this week will likely make today and Wednesday the last day for it. The vegetable we eat is really the shoot of the herbaceous perennial Asparagus officinalis. When it gets warm, those shoots begin to really grow into the full plant, full of feathery foliage.

Try to keep cool all. And drink lots of liquids! See you Wednesday.



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One Response to “Another late report”

  1. Amy Says:

    In case you didn’t see this, NY Mag feature on new meat/dairy options at market this year. My only complaint is I wish they’d listed the existing ones, too, for a complete list, and also to see what their take is. Ah, well.

    More shelling peas! Yay!

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