Shelling Peas Galore


Hey All,
Not a lot happening that’s different today at Market. The produce looks GORGEOUS though – it’s so cool and moist out, it will be a lovely shopping day. No wilting by midday is always a plus!

For the mushroom fanatics out there, Honey Hollow has some plump farmed shitakes but no wild mushrooms today. They DO have great big stalks of angelica, and many other wildcrafted delicacies so don’t be shy!

I indulged in my sweet pea tooth and bought 3lbs of shelling peas from Keenan Farms. A few will go into tonight’s dinner, the rest will be blanched and frozen using my brand new VacuSeal FoodSaver. I am such a dork for this thing – but I love it! My goal is to freeze 3 or 4 pounds of shelled peas this season to last us through the dark days of winter.

Have a lovely day, all.



One Response to “Shelling Peas Galore”

  1. Amy Says:

    I looked around the market while I was there to see if I could catch sight of you. I bet we were circling near each other several times. 🙂

    I didn’t see the mushrooms. Damn. I’ll look closer next time.

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