Knoll Krest Farm


Today I picked up chicken at the Knoll Krest Farm stand.  They have whole chickens and various “parts”.  I opted for chicken breast on the bone (I prefer the bone for flavor and nutrients) and I’m trying some of their homemade, fresh pasta for the first time.  They also have a variety of eggs (sizes and colors) and very friendly staff.  I’m going to make lemon chicken pasta with arugula tonight.  Arugula is courtesy of Max Creek Hatchery.  They also sell smoked rainbow trout.  I was holding out for Red Jacket Orchard’s apricot jam, but they were sold out on Monday and aren’t allowed to sell jam on Wednesdays (other vendors sell jam today and Red Jacket sells juice), so I decided to try Phillips Farms Apricot Preserves- I’m hoping it is tart with just a hint of sweetness. Peas, strawberries, salad greens, butter, half & half and yogurt rounded out my purchases today. I agree with baconbit ~ it’s nice to not have wilted greens by noon. I pray the cool weather sticks around a bit longer (that’s the Oregonian in me talking for sure!)
~ dq


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