A favorite arrives!


I was walking through the market this morning, thinking that I would begin my post by waxing rhapsodic over John Maduras yellow oyster mushrooms, or the $12 for 12 oysters, or the plump early beets and the giant late radishes, or Maxwell’s glorious strawberries….

But Yunno’s blew all that into dust when I spied shelling peas for $3.50 a pound. I bought one and quarter pounds, as the English woman beside me chattered happily that these were her favorite. Who can blame her for letting these treats be her favorite? They are mine too! Tender, sweet, toothsome – delicious raw or cooked – shelling peas are the essence of early summer. And early tender peas are the most sweet and wonderful. Later on they become more starchy and robust – they hold up to stews and the end of braising, and drying for winter soups.

Those early peas? Pure and heavenly.

Tonight’s dinner suddenly became easy. I need to use up last week’s mushrooms and ramps – so sauteed ramps and mushrooms with baked eggs, and a salad of diced beets and tender spring peas, dressed in a mint-ginger vinagerette. Strawberries for dessert.

What could be better?



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One Response to “A favorite arrives!”

  1. Amy Says:

    You have just completely made my day, and given me the motivation to wake up early enough on Wednesday to get to the market. Whee! 🙂

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