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June 30, 2008

Cherry season is in full swing at the market today. Wow. Many kinds, mounded up, high and glistening everywhere.

At my little community garden, the sour cherry tree is fully ripe. I picked a quart’s worth and brough it home and put them in vodka to make Sour Cherry Cordial. I can’t find the recipe online right now, but when I do, I’ll give the credit. You can make this with sweet cherries too.
Sour Cherry Cordial

Ingredients: 3 cups vodka, 1 quart cherries, 1.5 cups sugar, a cool dark place, a large container.

Put the vodka and washed, unpierced, whole cherries (sans stems) in a  large container. I like to use my old 5lb honey jar.

Let sit in a cool dark place for 1 month. Shake occassionally.

After a month add sugar, and let sit another month, shaking when you think of it.

Strain, bottle, and age four months.

Drink as an apertif, or digetif, chilled or warm, in tiny little glasses, and remember summer.


In other news: Norwich Meadow Farms has gorgeous favas today!

ETA: Hey – I got that Cherry Cordial recipe from Homestead Farm. Credit, where credit is due, my friends.



Monday Seafood and Maxwell Artichokes

June 30, 2008

PE & DD Seafood has an abundant selection of fish and shellfish this morning… I went for the cod (comes from “North of Montauk”). Wild oysters are big, similar to blue points.

And Maxwells has artichokes! $4/lb.

And Yuno has the usual extraordinary selection of greens… arugula and mizuna are nice today.

I wanted to report on the LAMB MERGUEZ sausage from Arcadian Pastures that I bought recently… was delicious! Seasoned really well, all I added was a little sauteed spring garlic and scapes. Highly recommended.


June 25, 2008

It’s another perfect day at the Greenmarket. There’s produce everywhere – though the prices are pretty unstable right now. I saw shell peas from $5/lb down to $3/lb, and raspberries for $4 a half pint and $6 a half pint, right accross from one another.

Today I was not going to buy anything – I have a ton of errands to run tonight all over the city, and we only have a half sized fridge at work and….

But then I saw that Honey Hollow was back with his fantastic eggs and fresh porcini mushrooms and all my plans went out the window. I bought a 1/4 lb of his “A” grade porcinis – good lightly sauteed with pasta, or eggs, though in my case it will likely be a little of both, $45/lb. Grade ‘B’ and ‘C’ were giants of things – and he recommends them for soups and stews – the lower the grade, the longer the cooking, and the more of the mushroom you’ll have to peel away before cooking. $40/lb, and $35/lb respectively.



June 23, 2008

A quick note to pass along- I noticed lobster for sale at the fish vendor’s stand (NW corner of the market). This is the first time I’ve seen lobster- check it out!

The Heights

June 23, 2008

I know, I know, the Solstice is the Official First Day of Summer – but it never feels like that to me. It feels like midsummer. Maybe it’s because of the heat wave we had a few weeks back, or maybe it’s the appearance of raspberries at Phillips Farms. That’s right, RASPBERRIES.

Naturally, I got some of these plump delicacies. Since they are the first ones, they are kind of crazily priced at $6 a 1/2 pint, or 2 for $10, but it’s the harbringer of more to come, and that always bring joy to my heart.

More joy? Across from Yunnos I spied quarts of Mt.Ranier cherries – those are the gold ones that have a blush of red accross them like tiny peaches, to which they are (of course) related. Just gorgeous.

Speaking of Yunno, she says this is her last week of shell peas, and that the “avocado” squashes are the sweetest of the selection. Some Japanese eggplant too, for those who love such things. They were gorgeous – practically black they were so purple.

Plump and lovely chickens today at Arcadian Pastures for $6.95 a lb. They take cards which is a goodness as I didn’t have enough cash, and I have guests for dinner tomorrow!

A fine day at the market – I saw pretty much something of everything, from asparagus to raspberries. Truly, it’s Summer at now!


June 20, 2008

Just a quick post today – everything looks great at the market and it’s just GORGEOUS out – not too hot, not too cold. Go shopping for your veg!

All the usual suspects are there – there’s a lot of variation in shelling pea prices – from $3/lb to $5/lb. Shop around.

Cunomo’s (I can never remember their farm name perfectly) has a little basket in front of their scale that says “Dried Stevia, $5”. Stevia is an herb with 200 times the sweetness of sugar. If you are diabetic, this is a great way to sweeten a pitcher of iced tea without resorting to chemicals, or paying outrageous amounts for agave syrup. And local!

Have a marvelous weekend!


BACON bag! Blueberries! Cherries! Oh my!

June 18, 2008

beingreen took a bunch of FANTASTIC photos (all below) today at the market. I, like BG, got gifted with an “I Love Bacon” bag that I will cherish and wear with pride. Just a quick note: blueberries are here along with cherries! Philips & Keenan have blueberries, but Keenan’s are less expensive than Phillips. Near Keenan is a farm stand with cherries at $5 per pound. Fantastic! That’s it for me – the rest is all beingreen.

Tamarack Hollow Bacon Bag!

Today is my lucky day! 😀 As I sauntered through the market this morning, I was lured to Tamarack Hollow by the sight of sausages. Mike sold me on the Maple Breakfast sausage, which he says is a rare find because it is difficult to make. Say no more, I had to try it… and with my purchase he gave me a bonus “I Love You Bacon” bag that I will cherish forever. Hurry over to get your bacon while supplies last! ~bg

The next delight that caught my eye were the CHERRIES at Locust Grove Farm. These are the first cherries of summer at the market, as far as I can tell, and they are GOOD. ~bg


Blueberries have arrived at Kernan Farms, and so have the mounds of summer squash which are exciting to explore once again… ~bg

And Kira’s garlic and mixed greens are fabulous at Evolutionary Organics. Last night I had blackfish and greens sauteed with a whole bulb of Kira’s fresh garlic… early in the summer it is more tender and mild than late summer garlic, so don’t be afraid to eat a lot of it! The green mix has bonus “wild greens” ie, edible weeds, from Kira’s farm, such as wild spinach and purslane. I love adible weeds and believe that they are truly good for our health and have no nutritional data to back this up. ~bg

Another exciting farm is the French Vegetable and Green Farm (for lack of knowing their name) that has great greens today. Chervil (I have no idea how to use this yet… send us your ideas please) is hot, and I received a recommendation from a fellow shopper for the french baby leeks. I promptly purchased them for a sautee this evening. Will report back. The wild arugula here looks precious. Definitely requires a special preparation… beyond salad. ~bg

Berried Treasures has nice looking red potatoes and Tristar Strawberries! Tristar are a cross with a wild strawberry…the taste is so much sweeter! ~bg

Migliorelli Farm has buckets of fresh basil for your salads and shell peas are $4 per pound now.

And lastly, Cherry Lane Farms has greenhouse heirlooms! So early!

Market Monday

June 16, 2008

Greens galore! The market is chock full of greens- in every imaginable shade. Yuno’s look truly lovely. I am now receiving a Community Supported Agriculture farmshare in Brooklyn on the weekends, so I’m trying to resist buying greens during the week (never fear I will still report on availability and of course will continue shopping for meat, seafood, eggs, grains, and dairy). The fragrant basil at Yuno’s stand beckoned me, and I could not resist. The smell just shouts summer to me. There are also lots of other herbs available. I noticed John Madura’s stand had expanded- baconbit frequently reports on his mushrooms- in addition he now has a variety of greens, spring garlic and green onions. Prices seem to be varying pretty widely for produce, so be sure to shop around a bit if you are watching your wallet. Bread prices at Bread Alone have gone up again. Also available at the market today: grass fed beef, seafood, breads and cookies, eggs, pretzels, plants, jams, honey and more! That’s it for now.

Five Dollars? Really?

June 16, 2008

I usually don’t go to the market on the weekends – I live uptown, and the market is downtown, and well… there you go. I stock up on Friday and eat off my purchases until Monday. This Saturday I happened to be in the vicinity and stopped by to ogle the produce and pick up some kind of animal protein. 

On Saturdays – the meat at the market is much more varied. I got some duck breasts (which I am cooking tonight) and better yet: duck eggs & pheasant eggs! I decided I’m not a big fan of the pheasant eggs – but duck eggs? WOW.

I saw some of our same vendors – and a few who seemed to have higher prices than they do during the week. Perhaps it’s an issue of supply and demand – and certainly farmers aren’t rolling in the dough, so it’s difficult to whine too much. But I was still glad that I’d bought my veg on Wednesday.

As to $5 – sugar snap peas are $5 across the board at the market today. Everywhere I looked, $5, $5 – however shell peas are $3.50 *except* at Philips Farm, who’s shell peas are also $5. Hmmm.

I bought mine at Maxwell’s for my frozen peas project, along with extras for salad over the next couple of days. 

Yunno’s still has chiogga beets – and today they had fava beans for $4 a pound. I’ll peel them tonight and blanch them. YUM. I don’t like favas dried, but fresh? They are truly lovely. Need inspiration? Habeas Brûlee has a recipe for favas with seaweed poprocks. If that is too exotic for Monday night dinner, try them with furikake instead.

Speaking of furikake – yesterday I made popped corn. I had gotten the grains from the market in the fall and am still working my way through them. I do my popped corn the old fashioned way on the stove top! I don’t like butter – and didn’t feel like salt. Instead I dressed my popped corn with dark sesame oil and furikake. Fantastic! Do try it sometime.


Lovely Friday and samples at the market

June 13, 2008

Hello. I had a chance to scoot through the NW corner of the market on my way to work this morning. The market is in full swing. Still lots of strawberries, greens, herbs and spring onions. My favorite lately is mint. I’ve been tying with yarn and hanging it up to dry. Once dried, I keep it in a glass jar for really fragrant mint tea all year. Eve’s Cidery is at the market today. They have really delicious ciders- stop by and they will gladly give you a taste. I also spotted the Bobolink Dairy with their popular grass fed cheese and wood fired bread. They also are happy to give you a taste of their cheeses. I love their cheddar, but find that it’s best consumed the day I buy it. Perfect for adding a little kick to a lunch salad. I also spotted DiPaola Turkey Farm. I’m addicted to the spicy turkey sausage. So flavorful and delicious. And, you guessed it, they have samples! That’s all for now. Enjoy your weekend.
~ dq