Sheepsmilk cheese, morels, and strawberries, Oh MY!


Last week I mentioned two farmers who’s farm names I could not remember – today I took notes so I would not forget! Kernan Farms and Evolutionary Organics. Their stands are directly across from one another. Kernan has a few types of veg and fruit in large quantities. Evolutionary Organics has small quantities, but a lot of diversity. Together, they have some of my favorite things.

Kernan’s strawberries are *fantastic* – truly. Large, plump, and sweet – on a warm day you can actually smell them from about 8′ off. They are less expensive than a lot of other market stands, at $6/quart. I am contemplating going back at noon to pick up asparagus as their asparagus tastes like sweet peas. I don’t know if it’s their terroir, or what, but it tastes like sweet peas and is delectable. Today I got some of the first sugar snap peas I’ve seen. Yum!

Across the aisle at Evolutionary Organics, there is a wide selection of heirloom plants for your own yard or windowsill. They also have beautiful greens, sprouts, edible flowers, and lots of lovely Japanese turnips. I find their prices competitive, and their demeanor particularly pleasant . I prefer their greens (and attitude) to that the other major salad greens vendor at the market (no names today as I don’t want to slight someone accidentally by misremembering a farm name).

Valley Shepherd Creamery was there. They are my favorite cheesemaker – and now that my digestive system seems to hate all dairy except sheep – they are one of the few I can go to. They make a fantastic aged cheese with truffles called Tartufo. Today they have Tartufo Fresco – a fresh sheepsmilk cheese flecked with black truffles. Lovely! I also picked up some of their very aged Fairmount – it dates from December of 2006. It is sweet and nutty at the front, and VERY sharp. Almost too sharp at the end for my cheese-wimp palate, but on a slice of bread to temper it will be fantastic.

Honey Hollow Farms still has GIANT yellow morels! Unbelieveable. Three weeks of morels – I am a happy camper!

Over the weekend I baked Honey Hollow Farm eggs in a ramekin, on top of sauteéd yellow morels and green garlic, topped with breadcrumbs and butter. Bake at about 400 until lightly golden and just turning solid. Fantastic stuff. Eggs & mushrooms are fantastic. Honey Hollow Farms eggs and yellow morels are several steps beyond fantastic, at a point where words begin to fail me.

Ronnybrook seems to have broken the curse of lateness they were suffering from last year. I got to the market around 8:15 this morning and they were all set up and ready to go.



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3 Responses to “Sheepsmilk cheese, morels, and strawberries, Oh MY!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Ronnybrook seems to have broken the curse of lateness they were suffering from last year.

    I most sincerely hope you knocked on some wood when you said that, because that is FANTASTIC news. I’m definitely planning to get up early and hit the market next Wednesday morning. If I leave the market by 8:45, I’ll still get to work right on time. So having them there in the morning would be AWESOME.

    Today’s post also reminds me…if you see English peas at the market anywhere, PLEASE mention it in your report even if you don’t buy any. 🙂 If it isn’t an official market day for me, but you spot peas, I’ll take a lunch hour just to go get those. LOTS of those.

  2. baconbit Says:

    Amy, English peas won’t be here for another month I’d say – especially with the cool spring.

    You can be sure I will mention them though, as I LOVE English (or to me: REGULAR) peas. Shelling peas. MMM.

    I’m hoping to blanch & freeze some for myself this year. I’ll be buying mad amounts myself.

  3. Amy Says:

    Yeah, I figured it would be a while. And I thought I remembered that was a place where our tastes overlapped. I just wanted to be absolutely sure. 🙂

    I have also made plans to buy TONS of those babies and find some way to store them. I like the blanch and freeze idea. Awesome. I better start eating up all of the stuff that’s currently in my freezer so there’s room to stuff it with peas by then. 🙂

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