Evolutionary Organics


I am so glad that Kira is back on Wednesdays again! I absolutely love her take on a spring salad mix! She grows the most unusual and yummy selection of sprouts and greens. One of my favorites is Hon Sai Tai…its a little bit spicy… and the Red Russian Kale is wonderful too. And everything is organic so it can be eaten straight from the bag. (She has a real elaborate set-up for the tongs, so there is no need to handle the greens with your hands, thanks.) She also has starter herbs and edible flowers. And she is real big on root vegetables, too. This morning she told me her garlic is looking awesome this year… which everyone should be excited about. Its not ready yet, but keep an eye out.


3 Responses to “Evolutionary Organics”

  1. Linda Says:

    Evoluton organics is not a certified organic farm -it is organic in name only, which she is allowed to use – just another reason I opted out of the certified organic program – too many loop-holes to contend with, too many people claiming they were organic when they are not certified.

  2. Tyson Deal Says:

    Evolutionary Organics is as organic as you can get, and Kira is the raddest ever. That woman is an amazing force of nature as is her farm.

  3. mmb Says:

    evolutionary organics is “certified naturally grown.” http://www.naturallygrown.org/

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