Dancing Ewe Farm


Oh my goodness….I just returned to the market during lunch and discovered a FANTASTIC new stand (well, new to me at least). Dancing Ewe Farm, hailing from Granville, NY, sells two kinds of delicious raw-milk cheeses. Farmers and cheesemakers Jody & Luisa Somers were managing the stand. You must visit their website to learn about the cheeses- one is a cow’s milk cheese called Prima Caciotta, the other is a sheep’s milk Ricotta. The ricotta is to die for, I wanted to gobble up a whole cup by itself. I just enjoyed a slice of the caciotta with lunch. Very tasty. Also be sure to visit their website and read the About Us section- a very sweet love story indeed- www.dancingewe.com


After hearing this news about Dancing Ewe cheese from Dairy Queen I hungrily investigated the situation as well. I must say the Prima Caciotta is one of the more refined cheeses I have tasted at the market. It is a lovely aged raw-cows milk cheese with an occasional blue marbling- if you are lucky. I bought a wedge to bring to my family over the weekend, it does strike me as a cheese that would pair well with a hearty cabernet franc! Dancing Ewe is at the market every Friday. Don’t miss them next week!



2 Responses to “Dancing Ewe Farm”

  1. Amy Says:

    Dude, you people are KILLING me. I had it set in my head that Wednesday was my best market day, since that’s when Ronnybrook and my favorite goat cheese lady are there. (Both are there on Saturdays, too, but boy do I try to avoid the market on Saturdays. Too crowded.) Now, between this amazing sounding cheese and the locally milled grains and flours, I have go to on Fridays, too. *sigh* 🙂

  2. Tony Tabone Says:

    I Was Looking Fore A cheese like a basket Cheese With Pepper Corn It Was once Made By Either Sorrento Or Sargento Co It Had A Salty Taste And Chewy . Or It May Be Farmers Cheese????

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