Patience is a Morel


Specifically a yellow morel – of which Honey Hollow Farms has more of! Today he has baskets full of great huge ones, and pre-weighed half pints in all shapes and sizes. I bought a full pint of them.

Last week I was asked about my favorite mushroom recipes – honestly when I get a special mushroom I just do my best to highlight them and not interfere too much. My first set of morels I put in the fantastic Korean pancake recipe. Tonight I think I shall make risotto – a perfect foil for highlighting these spring gems, and a perfect pairing with the last of my garlic scapes from Monday.

I had the names of additional two farms you should seek out today – one with lovely greens (pea tendrils! buckwheat sprouts!) and plants for sale (organic something, at $4 per 1/4 lb) and the other that has great big full quarts of strawberries ($7) that are so fragrant I could smell them from 8′ away…. but all that got erased from my mind (though not my totebag) during my conversation with Mike at Tamarack Hollow Farm. Some folks are partial to Flying Pigs Farm, and make no mistake, they make a good product. I, however, am an unabashed devotee of Tamarack Hollow. Something about Mike’s pigs make my heart and belly sing. It had been far too long since I had his bacon, so I stopped by to pick up a pack and was distracted by his pork confit! I have bought some, of course, and shall consume some as soon as this missive is finished.

By the way : if you are looking for some property in Vermont, Mike is looking to sell his current house. Stop by and chat if you might be interested!

(photo by beingreen)


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