Strawberries & Garlic Scapes


This morning I hit the market and grabbed 3 pints of strawberries from Yunno’s – one pint is for beingreen who’s got a morning appointment. I’m not *that* piggy!

I was also excited to see garlic scapes at Yunno’s too! Garlic scapes are the green stems of garlic before it flowers – they are marvelous – and are now a marker of “spring” to me much like ramps and fiddleheads are. I like to sauté them and use them in everything from soups, to stirfries. I also picked up oyster mushrooms from John Madura’s farm. I expect these and the ‘scapes wil go into my new favorite recipe from David Lebovitz, a fantastic Korean pancake recipe. So easy! So delicious! We’ll have that tonight with some asparagus and rice. Perfect for a fast dinner on a busy weeknight. Makes good leftovers too if you can manage not to eat it all (good luck with that)!

I was also super pleased to see Maxwell’s Farmstand today. I think this might be their first morning out this season – I have always loved their produce. They had gorgeous leeks for 75 cents a bunch (!) and their own dried beans (red & white) as well as popping corn. Their beans got me thinking about white beans and leeks and how lovely a lunch that would be for the rest of the week… when I spied Acadian Pastures. There I scored a frozen round of pork Italian sweet sausage. Voilá! Lunch for Tuesday and Wednesday has been procured. All I have to do is cook tonight!

I’ve been crazy for eggs lately, I’m not sure why. At any rate, I also picked up a half dozen blue/green Aracuna hen eggs from Tello’s. They also had pullet eggs which I *love*. They are small but have a magnificent flavor. Try them sometime.

It’s a beautiful day out – brisk and sunny. See you soon!



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2 Responses to “Strawberries & Garlic Scapes”

  1. Amy Says:

    That Korean pancake recipe looks AMAZING! And what a great (and, I’m pleased to add, CHEAP) way to do a good, interesting meal. I’m going to have to give that a try.

    I’m so with you on eggs. An omelette is one of my staple, “I want a good meal, but I don’t have much energy for cooking,” options. And with my new attempts at living more frugally, a good, fresh protein source that comes out to about 25-50 cents per serving works well for me.

    I’m headed to the market Wednesday to start gathering some good ingredients for inexpensive, at home cooking.

  2. icybooh Says:

    Thanks for sharing a link to David Lebovitz’s Korean Pancake recipe. I’m feeling inspired!

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