Wet and wild Friday, take 2


Hello from Dairy Queen.  Another wet and windy day at the market.  Some of the farmers I talked to who only come on Fridays were singing the  blues.  I picked up more lovely greens from John at Muddy River Farm (the farmer in the far southeast corner of the square on Fridays).  He has my favorite greens, plus he’s great to visit with too.  I also stopped by Grazin’ Angus Acres.  They hail from Ghent, NY and they are at the market on Fridays.  This is their first year selling at the market.  The BBQ was up and running and it smelled delicious on a rainy afternoon.  I think he was grilling hamburger and beef sausages.  I bought the last available (whole) chicken.  Although he called up to his wife at the 97th Street Greenmarket to see if she had any left that she could bring down.  They also plan to be at the Carroll Gardens Greenmarket on Sundays.  I’m planning on brining and roasting the chicken this weekend with some pats of Ronnybrook butter and I’m definitely making a rhubarb pie.  I grew up with a huge fruit & vegetable garden in rural Oregon and rhubarb was always the first pie of the year.  Later there were strawberries, cherries and blueberries, but rhubarb was the kick off to summer pies.  Bread & eggs rounded out my purchases.  Flying Pig Farm was there too.  I love their bacon, ham and sausages, alas, I had just spent $20 on my chicken and decided to forgo more meat for the time being.  Maybe next week.  Enjoy your weekends.


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