Apparently there is a rumor going around that Yunno had strawberries today. I didn’t see any – I don’t know if it’s because it’s untrue, or she only had a few. However, if it is true and she had them today… Well, next week we ought to really start seeing ’em come in!

Sorry for the lateness of the posting today – but my actual *job* (the one I get paid for) got in the way of me writing today! Silly job!

I saw the usual culprits – Mignorelli’s had asparagus but it’s up to $5 a pound there. Instead I got Japanese turnips! Fantastic! I’ll be steaming those and serving them with gomaiso, and a steak & green garlic stir-fry. It’s cold out – why not? Green garlic and lovely ramps from Berried Treasures, along with mint and rhubarb…

Lots of rhubarb coming up now. I bought about a pound’s worth, but am still deciding what to do with. Maybe a rhubarb syrup for making fizzy drinks with? Candied rhubarb? While cruising for rhubarb recipes, I found this link. I can’t vouch for the recipes but definitely it’s all food for thought.

Keep cozy tonight, and have a great weekend.

ETA: The rumors have been confirmed. There were strawberries – there are no more. (SOB) This gives me hope though for next week!!! I looooove strawberry season, and will eat ’em ’til I bust a gut. See you Monday!



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